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LUSH 80® Artificial Turf

LUSH 80® Artificial Turf was designed specifically to replicate the lush beauty of natural grass, with its olive and field green W-blade® Heat Reducing fibers that blend with green and brown thatch give it the ultimate natural realistic artificial grass appearance. W-blade® Heat Reducing Technology means LUSH 80® Artificial Turf is consistently up to 15 degrees cooler to the touch, making it exceptional for climates prone to hot weather.

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When the sun is out and it’s hot, artificial turf doesn’t stay as cool as natural grass due to the water content found in natural grass. Artificial grass does not radiate heat like rock, pavement or brick. W-blade Heat Reducing Technology allows heat to dissipate passively. Our W-blade Heat Reducing Technology has been proven to keep turf cooler in extreme heat.

Backing & Drainage

When it comes to drainage, LUSH 80® turf has been manufactured to withstand even the heaviest of downpours. The 4X perforated PE backing drains is extremely durable, requires extremely little to no maintenance, and is pet friendly, which keeps your yard free of yellowing patches and bare spots.

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